Friday, July 20, 2012

Make Your Own Super Hero Cape

After being gone most of the month of June I'm frantically trying to catch up on....well, fine, my Christmas gifts. Preparing to type that sentence I realize it may not be universally understood, but in my world....I'm behind....very far behind!  I also have a collage of birthdays that happen in the fall/winter so I'm trying to be creative.  I'll hold off on some of the projects I've been working on for friends who can A)  Read B)  Access the Internet.  Those under 4 years of age are fair game to have their gifts posted in advance.  This is a work in progress, but I'm making super hero kits for some kiddos in my life.  I decided I wanted a DIY element so even though these would have been much cuter in a solid super hero appropriate color, I decided to go with a white cape so it can be colored with washable markers by the recipient.  As far as the actual cape, it literally took about 10 minutes, in between a 13 hour Jane Austen movie-a-thon.  It's summer.  I'm single.  I can do this sort of thing.   When I wasn't gazing at Mr. Darcy, I just trimmed the edges, you could also leave them raw, or use fabric glue to create an edge if you don't heart sewing machines.  I used this super simple process for attaching a D (the first letter of his name), so simple.  You can outline the letter with nothing or jazz it up to your hearts content.  I used some scrap fabric and double bond material (in the link above) and it all just irons on and sticks.  If any of the edges begin to lift up, just iron it down again.  You could also finish it off with puff paint, or, in this case, I used a yellow stitch then added some ribbon to tie it all on for super hero activities.  I'll add some fun books and other super hero appropriate items to this gift, but I love that it fits in the little container (an old crystal light container).  How easy and fun would these be to make for birthday party activities?  No age limit. 


Ella said...

i love this...especially that the kiddos can decorate their own cape! great idea!!