Monday, July 23, 2012

Micah's First Birthday Cupcake Shirt

 For the last few years I've been making cupcake dresses and jumpers for my friend's kiddo's first birthdays, but it's impossible to judge how big or little they will be.  So, it was time to start thinking 'year one' for my goddaughter, Micah....with only 6 months to spare.  Whew.  She's off the chart (and has been) since she entered this world as far as height, so I decided to make a tshirt and add a tutu later to complete the outfit. 
 I used steam a seam, which I blogged about a week ago with a watermelon onsie to hold down the cupcake 'liner', candle (a strip of ribbon) and flame (all scrap fabrics). 
 For the icing I used some rose ribbon I bought at the scrapbook store, and I just stitched it down with some little x shaped could use fabric glue, but.....I was feeling domestic. 
In the past, I've had these monogrammed, but the fluffy icing seemed a little bit overkill.  I found this little iron on patch to put on the cupcake liner.  And now....I'm working on the appropriate hair accessory for my favorite bow head.