House Divided Tutu

Monday, September 03, 2012
It's football I made this tutu last year for a friend's niece.  My friend's brother went to my alma mater, Baylor.  Sic 'Em!  Her Mom went to Texas Tech.  Lines are drawn when the yearly game rolls around.  It was baby's first trip to the game, and unfair at this point to ask her to choose sides, sooooooo....she got both.  She has a few years to decided if she wants to Wreck 'Em or Sic 'Em, but I did my part....I might have added one or two additional pieces of green and gold on there for my university's color contribution.  I also added a onsie with a football on the front, and baby divided painted on the back.  I'm posting this now b/c tutus are one of the EASIEST things you can possibly craft, so....if you want to throw together a tutu for game spirit, or Halloween.  Here is a super easy tutu tutorial.  I used this tutorial for stenciling on the letters on the back.  For the football, I used some of the double sided iron light weight bonding stuff.  You could stitch it on, but since it was going to be quickly worn and discarded, I didn't do that in this case since it would not be worn often.  Fine, and because I was running behind on life. 

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