Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aging Ribbon

 I've been buying aged ribbon for awhile now because it fills holes in my spirit....or something.  I finally discovered a method for aging your own ribbon via KatieRose.  It's easy (my favorite blog phrase), it'll save me a pretty penny,'s going to launch quite a few projects from my end. 
Any white ribbon will do.  I bought some extra cheap seam binding and ironed it flat (it was folded). 
 I boiled some tea, and then added the ribbon.  I let is soak for about an hour.  The longer it soaks, the darker it gets. 
 I took it out of the tea and waded it up.  I looped a rubber band around it and let it dry. 
I ended up with a krinkly aged looking ribbon.  My spirit is happen.  Stay tuned for vintage ribbon crafts.