Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fun-GMT Style

I'm headed to GMT this morning.  I'll be doing two segments.  My friend, Jo, created a space on facebook for these to 'live' if you want to see the live version....which always allows for something a little 'different.'!/FromGlitterToGumdrops
Segment One:
 These transfer shirts...

For the full tutorial, you can head to the link here
If I need to fill a little time (because those shirts are seriously so easy to make!), I'll also be slipping in how to print directly onto fabric. is the link to that tutorial. 
Segment Two: 
Decorating Cupcakes with everyday candies. 
Here is the full tutorial for using candy corn to make fondant. 
I also will be using caramel and tootsie rolls to make the acorns, and a food writer to make the eyeballs out of m&ms (here's a tutorial where I've used these pens in the past)....assuming I don't eat all the products before I make it to the studio, which is becoming more of a real possibility as the hours pass. 


Amanda and Cade Butler said...

Lyla and I tuned in and watched you! You are so good on TV! Loved those shirts!