Monday, October 08, 2012

Halloween Transfer Shirts

This Thursday I'm taking a collection of projects to GMT....this is half of the first segment.  I got a little carried away.  I'll be demoing how to make these little shirts, incredibly easy.  I've done this about fifteen thousand different ways.  I've sent out all my Halloween cards and gifts for this year, so now I'm working on NEXT year.  Above, the shirt for Micah's second I'm on the hunt for some cute leggings and an appropriate bow. 
I made this little Halloween bag for my buddy Donovan....
 He has a little brother on the way (coming to a nursery, not nearly close enough to me, February).  His name has yet to be revealed, so I thought I was super cleaver (don't burst my bubble) and I found a monster icon and and put Monster Mash....get food, mash, get it?  OK....I'm over it. 
 My pal, Laine, at school has a little baby girl who will be here by Friday whether she comes on her own, or with the help of the doctors.....she is definitely going to need some Halloween gear.  She also has a little black kitty waiting to meet her at home who has no idea his life is about to be turned upside down, but maybe he will be more forgiving if she wears a little tribute to him?
Seriously, I could go on and on, but I'll stop and review the steps to making these....and then I'm off to making turkeys and gingerbreads, and probably leprechauns and firecrackers. 
Step One:  You need to grab some transfer paper and a shirt/onsie/bib/bag/anything that will stay still works.  They sell this for transfering to white fabric (light) or dark fabric, so depending on what you are doing, depends on what you purchase. 

Step Two:  You can create your own design via the paint, or you can purchase them on sites like Etsy and have them personalized.  Here is the cat without a name.  You can download it, put it in a word document, right click and move it to the 'back' and then type the name in whatever font/size you want.  I then did 'print screen' or snag it to get the whole thing.  There may be an easier way, but this is my ghetto computer skills at work. 
Step Three:  Paste the whole thing in another word document.  Under picture tools one of the options is to rotate horizontal.  You need the name to be facing the opposit direction b/c you iron this down and you want the mirror image. 

Step Four:  Print it out (sometime of the ink jet transfer papers have a program you can use for free, if you just do step two and ssave your file as a pdf, you can copy them into the program and it will rotate the whole thing for you). 
Step Five:  Cut it out, I leave a little bit of the white, it won't show up on the shirt, but it helps as you peal it off if a little wants to come up, the color will stay. 
Step Six:  Press it down (put pressure, pick up the iron, and press in the next stop, don't 'rub' it like a normal iron so it doesn'ts lip around).  Let it cool, and lift carefully. 
These are machine washable on the gentle cycle after they 'set' for 72 hours.


Shane and Laine said...

So cute! I just showed Sampson and he said at least he hasn't been forgotten yet...but he's still not happy:)