Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Sew Turkey Shirt

It's hard work finding an appropriate gift to send to a nine month old for each holiday.  Someday, she will appreciate sugar and plush items, but for now, it's pretty much about pleasing my goddaughter's mama and I.  I'm sending along a little turkey shirt for her to wear this year now that she's worn her Halloween outfit-it's time to look forward.  I found a brown shirt for two bucks at the craft store, and I used scrap fabrics to cut out the turkey body and feathers (here is a free template for the turkey body). 
I used light weight steam a seam, which requires zero sewing.  Here are the steps for using this stuff, but it really just requires an iron, and this makes fabric stick to fabric.  If you wash and the edges lift off a bit, just iron it down again and it's good as new and requires no sewing machines.  If you can cut, you can cute-se-fy anything. 
I ironed down my feathers, then added the turkey.  You could also use fat ribbon scraps-the steam a seam works on ribbon too. 
See, peeling off that steam a seam and it sticks. 
I did add some button eyes, but you could color these on with permanant markers, use black fabric and more steam a seam, glue these on, or get mad, call me a liar and refuse to visit my blog ever again.  Ever.  Because I did say there was no sewing, and here I snuck a little in, but the black button eyes were worth it.