Thursday, November 01, 2012

GMT: Ode to the Pumpkin

I'm headed to GMT today, and though the jackolanterns are headed to the clearance aisle, the 'pumpkin' gets to stick around a few more weeks, so I'll be sharing a few more projects before I pull out my tinsel and mistletoe for the next show. 
In no particular order I'll be sharing three pumpkin projects: 
These little pumpkin soaps with be featured, you can find the full tutorial by clicking here

I'll also be making these personalized Thanksgiving/Pumpkin plates.  The full tutorial is here

...and I'll be making this pumpkin dip with some homemade pumpkin shaped cinnamon chips, here is that tutorial for making cinnamon chips, and another tutorial for some fun shapes

Here is a link to 17 pumpkin post from the past....this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have 25 total desserts and projects dedicated to the little orange ball on my blog. 
One of the top hits on my blog right now, via pinterest is the recipe for my grandmother's pumpkin bread.  It is pretty much the most amazing bread ever and it wouldn't be a Thanksgiving without this making it's way into my kitchen. 
I'll post the links to the videos on facebook sometime soon from today's show....and no doubt I'll be baking another 25 or so pumpkin related desserts between now and Thanksgiving...