Friday, November 02, 2012

No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt

I saw this idea on pinterest last year, and I absolutely fell in love.  The very best part?  It required ZERO sewing!!! I actually saw a pin of a pin of a pin of a pin....a sign it's the reaaally good stuff.  Here is the pin.  The other folks who tried this out used some cheap muslin.  I went even cheaper and used some old curtains I gave new life.  I cut a square. 
 I folded in half, then again, and sort of cut a circle, and then one in the center, and then cut a line to wrap around the tree.  You could add ties.  I didn't.
 Next up, cut strips out of additional fabric measuring about three inches.  Squish it and create ruffles as you are gluing it down.  I actually used the ruffles from the old curtains. 
Row one down, and then I went in about an inch and started all over again.   
 The original tuturial has even more ruffles, but I didn't need a very big skirt b/c it's going around a little woodland themed tree that somehow entered my world a few years ago....I guess I was going through a woodsy pine cone stage.  BUT....I'm digging the skirt.  The ruffles I used were finished, but just raw fabric would still be really beautiful.  Someday the woodland tree may get a vintage makeover, and this skirt is staying. 


Shane and Laine said...

Love it! I would say I think I could even do this...but let's face it-I make it half way through the day before I realize I haven't had time to brush my teeth:) There's always next year!