Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Soap

 I saw this adorable idea at cleanscent for making pumpkins shaped soaps, and I'm pretty sure these were a requirement this year in my life called 'fall 2012.' 
All you have to do is shre some soap using a cheese grater.  I added about 4 drops of orange coloring (they sell stuff to color soap where you buy soap squares in the craft store, or you can use food color).  I also added some cinnamon scent (they also sell scents, but I used the flavoring from my kitchen oils).  A little goes a long way! 
 I worked it with my hands and squished it into a ball.  I wanted little pumpkins soap so they can be used and discarded easily, so I only shredded 2 soap cubes.  You could also grate any store soap, or hotel soap assuming it's one of the softer soaps that will grate up easily. 
 Once it's in a ball, I used a knife to carve the lines and pushed a stick in the center (you could also use cinnamon sticks-but sticks are free around my house). 
How easy are these little guys?  Now I'm off to make a few hundred more for the one guest I'll have over this fall.