Friday, December 14, 2012

GMT: Personalized Family Ornaments

I'm headed to Good Morning Texas this morning to share a few ornament ideas for the family to create a keepsake from the year.  I'll post the clip here later on facebook, my friend Jo created a page for all the clips.   A few years ago I shared an ornament I made for my pal Heather.  Her son had drawn the cutest picture ever of her and her 17 fingers (I still laugh).  I traced it on while cloth and stitched over the drawing. Gus' Drawing Ornament.  Fast forward two years and I'm sharing this latest drawing from Gus at 6 and a new idea for keeping these at yearly ornament keepsakes. 
This go round I scanned a picture he drew of himself (6 years old).  I scanned it and used this tutorial on How you do a transfer to put it on an old piece of a tshirt.  I put it into a mini embroidery hoop and added some ribbon for hanging. 
Next up I'll be sharing this thumbprint ornament.  I've done something like this in the past as well using sculpey clay (from any craft store) and a gingerbread shape for Blythe's little fingerprint.   
I saw this floating around the net where you can include the whole family.  To give it a little bit more classic look, paint it up with silver paint.  Here is the salt dough tutorial and recipe.  Just etch the year or family name into the middle before baking. 

Again, Heather introduced this idea to me.  You take a cut from the bottom of your tree every year and you write the year/what is going on/what your kiddos get for Christmas.  On the other side you can add a photo from the year (kiddos with Santa) or let your kids draw their own little pictures.  You can drill a hole and hang these, or put these in a bowl to display each year. 
For more ornament ideas, click the link below this post that says 'ornaments.'  I've posted a ton of ornament ideas in the past, both ornaments housing gifts:  mocha ornaments, bath salt ornaments, keepsake ideas like this wedding invite ornament (one of my most visited post via pinterest), or this ornament I made this year using the newspaper from the day our newest family member was born.  :O)  I could go on and on, but....I have Christmas gifts to wrap and cookies to work off, so I'll stop there!