"Chocolate" Bunny Candy Pouch

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
This year I'm working on a chocolate bunny themed Easter basket (how novel, I know).  Anyway, I've been seeing little candy pouches made out of shapes lately, and I'm sure this is out there, but....here is my version of a chocolate bunny.  I free handed a silhouette, it's free to a good home, just click here to download.  I traced this first guy on some tan paper b/c I wanted to ink the edges.  
 I cut out two pieces and then I took the ink pad and brushed it along the edges and the top-it looks kind of hairy.
 I ran some hot glue on the inside (non inked side), but not the whole thing, I left the ears open so I could slip the chocolate inside....
See, it's still opened.  
 If any of the sides start to lift (you have to work fast with hot glue, go back and glue some more.
 Once I filled it with candy, I glued it shut.
I added a ribbon around the neck, just like a 'real' chocolate bunny, and I'm filling my baskets with these guys.  


Junky Jen said...

Love this idea!!! Think I will do some for my nieces and nephew and add a little bunny money!! lol Thanks for always sharing!!

Christy said...

Oh man! I'm glad my Nieces and nephews can't read...they don't know about bunny money yet...but what a cute idea!!!