"Chocolate" Bunny Sugar Cookies

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today I'm bringing my chocolate themed basket treats to GMT.  I'm going with chocolate bunny themed baskets for friends this year, but trying to think outside the chocolate bunny box.
I'm sharing these chocolate bunny sugar cookies.  I drew a little pattern and just cut it out and laid it on the dough and cut around the shape with a sharp knife.  Here is the free pattern (uploaded upside down...ooops...should still print fine).
Basically, you can use a store bought dough, or make your own sugar dough.  Here's my favorite dough recipe (because it holds it shape well when it bakes). 
The attached icing recipe goes well with these, you can dye it a brown color for your chocolate, or this year I'm cheating.  I bought some canned brown frosting.  I added a little bit of powdered sugar so it's not quite as runny, but the trick is to add karo syrup to icing if you want it to harden/be able to bag it up nicely like the gourmet grocery stores.
 I add about 1 T. of clear Karo to 1 cup of icing, then snip the edge of a plastic bag to create an outline, fill it with icing, and smooth with a knife.  Smooth it right away b/c if you let it sit too long, especially with the karo it's start to harden and not be easy to spread. 
I usually let these air dry over night before bagging them up.  The karo syrup keeps the icing from sticking to the bags.
I'm also sharing these 'chocolate' plastic eggs....
I posted the super simple directions to these eggs here.   
Here's a link to a version of 'paint your own egg' using chalkboard paint. 
...as well as these 'chocolate' bunny pouches.  
I posted the chocolate bunny candy pouches yesterday, with a free template you can print for the shape.  I'm a giver.  

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