Carter's Baptism Album

Thursday, May 23, 2013
I've become obsessed with board book scrapbooks.  They are so much easier to put together than the traditional albums, and they make fun/colorful coffee table accessories.  AKA it doesn't look like junk when your house isn't cleaned up if someone swings by and it's laying out, you can just proudly announce, 'That's my coffee table book..." as opposed to, "Housecleaning, I didn't even know that word could take the role of verb."    
They sell all shapes and sizes of board books in scrapbook stores, but I've been snagging them in the Michael's dollar the Michael's 1.50 spot.  Sneaky.  They turn their stock over every few months, and these go on sale and become the 50 cent spot books....that will be replaced by a book of the exact same style/brand with a new seasonal sticker. 
These are a great books for using up scraps b/c the photos take up so much of the page.  In this case, I bought paper and a few accessories b/c I made two matching books.  One for me, and one for Maurine.  But...I kept the pages simple.
 Maurine is a scrapbooker, but I wanted her to have 'my version' of the event.  She's one of two people on planet earth that will do more than use this for a door stop.  Paperweight perhaps?
I had a bazillion pictures, but I selected just a few to tell the story...and another to frame....and 300 more to carry around/hug/and cry over because I miss these boys!  
 Simple and fun. Anyone who has scrapbooked with me (Amber) will understand this book shows great restraint....there is only ONE button on all these pages, and you can count the number of flowers on one hand. I don't even know who I am anymore.
The ring always comes with the books as well, and I love adding ribbons and charms to the's all about the accessories.  Always.  


Three Birds Inspired said...

I must have hit my head when I fell off the turnip truck! I had no idea what to do with those things when I saw them at Michaels. I am guessing there is a tutorial somewhere on the internet that will tell me the best way to affix scrapbook paper to the boards and then trim the excess. Thanks for an enlightening post!!

Christy said...

Hi Suzan! I usually trace the shape of the book on my paper then cut it out. To glue it down you can use a glue stick-or they sell a double sided rolling tape in te acrapbook section. :) hope that helps!