Shabby Chic and Pink Shower

Friday, May 31, 2013
A group of us from work recently threw a party for our friend Melissa and her baby Raylyn.  It's always fun to throw a party with different groups of people to see what everyone pulls together.  Stacey bought the material for the R for the door (above) and I blogged about the process for putting this together on Tuesday. Melissa's nursery is ad-or-able in greys, pinks, and shabby chic designs, so we tried to go with the pink and shabby theme.
As promises, I made a baby pearl necklace for Raylyn.  I blogged the super simple process for these necklaces here.
One of my favorite sign in gifts are books.  The family has the fun last name of Fox, so our friend Amber recommended this book with foxes, and all the guest wrote messages to Melissa on the inside.
Stacey made a tutu and had this adorable onsie monogrammed.
Each hostess brought an outfit (or two) and they were hung up the stairwell.
Stacey's mom put together some great flower arrangements to join the pink candy and pearls, and I had some old windows I brought (others had shabby chic chalk boards etc we put around).  
Here is another Stacey's Mom creation.  We accidentally discovered these adorable cups at Laine's shower and requested we borrow these again from Stacey's godmother.  I hope I have cool stuff like this for my godchildren to borrow someday!
Drinks is a cupcake lidded mason jar and paper straws.  
Taylor's friend makes these beautiful cupcakes.....that are DEVINE with salted caramel inside.
I'm sad to post these b/c I'd like about size of them right now!
Hostesses, Melissa, and Raylyn.  
The great thing about working at a school is that we get to celebrate a lot....with many more celebrations to come for Melissa, Raylyn, and the whole team of gals-it makes it even sweater with such a group of creative gals.  

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Jean Knee said...

adorable! I really love the cupcakes