Hair Bands

Monday, July 15, 2013
 I bought the red hair band last fall because I figured-that looks easy to make-but I wanted to remember what it was I wanted to make! I love these little hair bands.  I didn't think it would stay on my head, but ya-it definitely does!
Here is a link to a free 'pattern' for the size/width.  I used my scraps (even sewed some pieces together so it would be long enough.  I cut it and then sewed the edges in....
 I ripped fabric and then just started going around and around until it create the look of a flower (going inward to end as the center).
 I pinned it down and then just sewed a big square (like the model) to hold all the pieces down.
 I added the leaves and just did a quick line.
 It keeps my fuzz out of my face...and accentuates all those squinting wrinkles....ooops!

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Shane and Laine said...

Love them!