Boy Book Gift Sets

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
 For quite a few years, all the little ones I bought gifts for were girls...and then the boys came.  It's a different sort of thinking that goes into gift giving, but I'm working on it.  My cousins little guy, Jonathan has a birthday right around Christmas, so these are two gifts I put together.  I've been trying to put gifts around a book theme.  Jonathan's a pretty busy little guy that likes to pull things apart.  I found this little board book called The Toolbox which is all about a little guy's dad's toolbox.  I then found this little wooden container in the unfinished wood section at the craft store and stamped the word tools across it.  You could personalize it, but homeboy has a long name.  In the past, I did a little something like this and made a tool belt, but this time I found this little set that came with one (found it on Amazon).  Works for me.
For Christmas, Jonathan is getting this little book that is currently a best seller, and super cute.  My friend Kristin told me about it, it's her son's favorite.  It's called Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.  I found this little Melissa and Doug construction site puzzle to go along with it.  A added a little hard hat I snagged at the craft store for a buck.
I've got a ton more gifts I've put together for Christmas/birthdays that come by the dozen, but I figured I'd share a few in case anyone is in the same boat...and I'm always looking for fun boy craft ideas!

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