Godchild Anniversary Gift

Thursday, February 20, 2014
 This godmother thing is serious business.  I went back and forth, and scrounged around to find ideas to make sure I wouldn't think in 18 years-I wish I had done that!  I have two godchildren-one girl, one boy.  A complete set.  They live too far away.  This I don't like.  Thus far, I've gifted both with ornaments each year-each with their own theme.  I plan to do that as they grow up, BUT-since we have a special date (baptism) when I got to hold them and make promises-I also send something each year (all both of them) to celebrate the date they were baptized.  I'm trying to do my duty and make sure it's a charitable gift that gives back and shares a quality I hope they'll look back on and apply as they grow.  Last year, I gave Micah (pre-Carter's birth)-a pair of Tom's, included a bible verse and card etc.  This year I made a donation in their honor to groups along the Amazon River that go into the village and try to bring some pleasure into the life of the folks along the river.  I went last summer, and knew this was what I did, so I picked up these two maraca things carved by locals, and I had two of the students hold signs that say "Jesus Loves You" in Portuguese.  I sent these along with the cards/donation info.
I've got ideas for the next two years (it's how I roll), but I'm always taking suggestions for fun donation ideas for the 14 years after that....or any other fun godparent traditions/ideas.  I want to make the slide show at their weddings...or something like that.  ;o)

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