Oscar Watching Pre-Party

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Last year I hosted a little Oscar Pre Party in conjunction with a jewelry party I hosted for a friend of mine.  I decided to serve appetizers that went with each movies nominated for best picture.  I just used black and gold supplies, and grabbed a bunch of gold candy to scatter around and popcorn containers to hold things like the silverware.  
Eclairs for Les Mis (a nod to France), White cupcakes for DJango-apparently there is a scene that is centered around white cake in the movie...and I needed a sweet.
 Andouille Sausage and Cheese for the Beast of Southern Wild (it takes place in New Orleans).  Tomatoes and black olives (tiger tails) for Life of Pi.
 Apples for Lincoln (one of his favorite snacks...and Cookie butter for dipping-one of mine), croissants for Amore (again, I just read one of the last scenes where the lady in the movie is really 'there' takes place over breakfast).
 Hummus and pita chips (and carrots) for Zero Dark Thirty (takes place in the Middle East).
Philly Cheese Steaks for Silver Lining Playbook (a nod to the setting).  
Canada Dry for Argo (again, apparently part of the movie takes place in Canada).  
I added popcorn and the mummy Oscar cookies I blogged about yesterday.  

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