Oscar Cookies

Monday, February 17, 2014
Last year I threw a jewelry party for a friend of mine who sells jewelry.  We did it on the same day of the Oscars, so I served food that went with each of the films nominated for best feature.  I saw cookies like this via bakerella, so I had to add this to my desserts.  The original cookie cutter is no longer sold, but I did find this mummy cookie cutter that worked out well.  I used this sugar cookie recipe.  
I was feeling a little overwhelmed with life, so I skipped my usual favorite icing recipe and used the kind from the can, but I added a tablespoon of clear karo syrup so it would harden and could be bagged.  I piped it on with a trust ziplock, smoothed it out with a knife and then added gold sprinkles via wilton.  

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