Fredericksburg, Texas

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
 Last week was my spring break.  I did a LOT of shopping.  Antiquing and craft stores were not safe.  I bought a ton of fun stuff I'm sure I'll be featuring soon.  Lots of rust.
One day I took a road trip out to Jefferson and Marshall, Texas.  They are about 3 hours from me, very close to the Louisiana border.
I spent most of my time in Jefferson walking up and down the streets and checking out the different antique stores.
 I also spent some time at the General Store, which was a fun collection of things you don't need, but somehow feel you need to buy.  Very 5 and of my favorite kind of places to waste time and money.
 Another one of my passions....pursuing good BBQ.  If a magazine claims it as the best, I've got to check it out.  I read about Riverport's and decided to check it out.  This is definitely one of the top 5 BBQ places I've hit up.  I had read about how good the beans were, but...I don't like beans, so...
I grabbed the hot water cornbread (which taste like a delicious hushpuppies) and brisket.  The sauce is A-Maz-Ing.  A great vinegar flavor.
 I also split some swamp fries.  A half order was ginormous.  They have some Cajun seasoning, onions, brisket, bacon, and cheese.  The cheese isn't melted like some cheese fries, just tossed on top,'s worth the heart attack.
 I am obsessed with old town squares and all the sights.
 I swung over to Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in Texas.  My plan is to head back sometime, but....all the moss....a fun little addition to some natural Texas decor.
 About twenty minutes away is Marshall, Texas, knowing for it's pottery.
 There are several different places, but the one I've always heard about is just called "Marshall Pottery."  It's a ginormous, affordable collection of pottery both for the house...and for the garden.
 Another fun town square....not as many shops, but....still a great little collection of unique adventures.

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