Bird House Memories

Thursday, April 03, 2014
 I made this bird house to go along with a bird house themed collection of crafts (more to come on that).  I saw a picture via google, with no link back, so...if it's your idea...whoever you are,let me know.  It wasn't mine, but I liked the idea.  First, I guess a disclaimer, I'm not a drinker of wine or anything else of the alcoholic sort....I don't enjoy the taste, more for you.  I DO like corks are fascinating, and I have a ton of friends that collect them.  I've been given a few collections to find a craft home
 You can find these unfinished bird houses at any craft store.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  If you don't have a bunch of wino friends, or don't have your own cork collection-you can buy them online.
I took a knife and sawed my corks in half.  You probably don't want to eat steak at my house-my knives are all dull because of decisions like this...
 I hot glued them to the bird house.  If you are going to leave this out in the weather, you might use a gorilla glue or something different so the summer heat or winter chill doesn't pop that glue off....if it's an inside decoration....glue guns should work fine.   You also might want to spray it down with some weather proof spray paint (again-found at the craft store).   I sawed around the edges and holes, super easy, and a fun/different way to store some of those memories.  

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