Book Wreath Part 2

Friday, April 04, 2014
 I had a bare spot (gasp) on my wall.  I've made book wreaths before, but I decided to try out a different style this go 'round.  It still cost me less than a buck to make this.  My mom was getting rid of a bunch of old books.  She had kept them for sentimental reasons, but realized there comes a time when that's probably not going to cut it.  This particular book was one that she and my aunt clearly read in high school.  My aunt had notes in the margin from the Scarlet letter.
 I ripped all the pages out and accordion folded them.  I then folded those in half and put them on a wreath circle I cut out with a glue stick.
 You can also use these little foam forms.  I buy them at the dollar store.  Just glue, glue, glue.  It took the entire book of pages.
 I added a bow.  Everything is better with a bow.

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