Repurposed Pan = New Bird House

Monday, April 07, 2014
 I saw the idea for using an old pot to make a bird house a few years ago and it stuck with me.  I changed up some of the technique, but my inspiration lives at tatortot.  My first step was to find an old pan.  You can find one you want to paint, but I stumbled across this pink one.  Score.
 I also bought a thin sheet of wood, you could also use foam board, just clean out any test at the end of the nesting season when the family moves out and replace it.  I figure if those foam boards work for election signs out in the season, they should work for this as well.
I used a jigsaw to cut out the circle I traced around the lid of the pot.
I drilled a hole in the middle.
 I took the same saw and drilled a hole in the middle.  The bigger the hole, the bigger the bird or animal that can fit inside, so...if you want cute little song birds, make 'em small.
Now for decorating.  I read up a bit on this:  you want your house to blend in with it's surrounding so you aren't advertising to the enemy (cats) where their dessert lives.  This little guy is going near a garden, so pink should be fine.  You could paint your wood, use scrapbook paper, and lots of water resistant spray, but I found some duct tape that worked.  I'll still probably replace it after a summer outside, should hold pretty well in the weather.  
 I drilled another hole for my little perch.  I found this knob for half off at Hobby Lobby.
 You could use a foil pan, or I found this weird piece of metal in the plumbing section at Home Depot.
 I cut a piece and nailed it down with thumbtacks to help protect the bird family from some rain.
I drilled a hole in both sides of the board and in the pan and I tied it on with ribbon.  I added a dab of glue before hanging so it would hold firm until I was ready to clean it out and refresh the home.
Now.....time to advertise my vacancy!

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