Easter Table Decor

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Today on Good Morning, Texas I'm sharing Easter crafts.  My assignment was 'table decor' though I've thrown in a few other misc last minute projects.  The above are some napkin rings I put together.  I have seen these in craft stores around town, and several tutorials.  Here is my version.  
I'm also sharing these tattoo eggs.  These take about ten seconds (tutorial here), so I'll also be sharing some fun 'egg shell' crafts for candles and flowers.  No pictures yet, but I'll post the video on my facebook page later.  The week has kind of ran away from me....lots of fun reasons....I'll post those run away project soon, but in the meantime....the video will have to do.  
My 'extra' item this go round is a peat moss basket.  The one I'm bringing looks a little different from this one, but here is a tutorial from the past on making these super easy baskets.  
I always try to bring more than I'll need...time to fill is my biggest fear on TV....I can only imagine what I'd share with 30 or so seconds of unplanned time....

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