Good Morning, Texas: Sea Shell Crafts

Thursday, May 29, 2014
 Summer is here.  Shells, seasides, and souvenirs.  I was tasked with bringing some more sea shell themed crafts to the show.  This is a series of crafts I did last year in celebration of one of my favorite places and the memories I took home with me.  I'll be sharing four more crafts today.  I'm blogging about a few, and I'll post the video with the rest on facebook account later.  One idea is to create one of these family initial letters.  It would be a fun memory from a honeymoon beach walk, or a family vacation.
I bought a large chipboard letter at Hobby Lobby, and painted it a color that went with my room (b/c you can see a bit of the board underneath, you could also cover it with sand first).
 Then it was a simple matter of gluing shells on with a hot glue gun.
 I also took some baby food jars and made memory jars.  I went to Maine a few years ago and gathered some sea glass, sea shells and sand from Galveston, and a bracelet made by natives in Brazil and some pieces of broken brick I found around a church (our group had helped raise funds to build the church, and these were used in the construction).  Easy and cheap.  Instead of spraying the lids, I used this mod podge technique I use a lot to make decorative jars.
 Last game pieces.  I painted a paper mache box, and the pieces can be stored inside.  In this case I used two different types of shells, but you could also paint the shells two different colors.

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