Scrap Headbands

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
 I posted a tutorial last summer about these little bands.  ...and then, I went a little nuts.  Here is the tutorial, which includes a free printable pattern.
I just wanted to show the possibilities.  :O)  I made a ton of these last year and sold them to raise funds for the Amazon.  I rarely sell anything-it makes me cringe-I'm more of a gifter, but it was fun to sell and see these around on friends-knowing they represent a donation towards another love of mine-Brazil.
I use my scrap fabrics to put together a ton of different color combinations.  The thinner the band, the better, and mine stay in best with a few bobby pins in place, but they are worth it.

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Shane and Laine said...

Love them! Wear mine all the time!!