60 Wishes Memory Book

Thursday, September 18, 2014
 My Mom celebrated her 60th birthday two days ago.  I've been brainstorming ideas for making it a special memory for awhile now.  One thing I did was make her a little album with cards.  Originally, I was going to send cards to the family and all her friends...it turns out it took all three months I had given myself to get the cards back from just the family.  I adapted the idea...more on this in a minute....I printed out a letter asking for the person who received it to write a special memory they have of my mom.  I also included a card and a self addressed envelope.  I found a pack of cards at Hobby Lobby I liked.
 To house these letters I made a little book.  I took two pieces of thin cardboard and cut them out to the size of a 5/7 envelope.  I also took some burlap scrapbook 'paper' and covered the front.  I had to hot glue it to keep it to stay on the board.
 On the inside, I glued down two pieces of scrapbook paper.  I punched a hole in the cover/back and each letter.
 I decided to just try to get just the family and a few of her closest friends who don't live here.
For the 'other' friends, I figured most of them would be bringing a card to the luncheon I was hosting, and I am going to hole punch the cards and put these in the same book so she can have a memory of all the people that helped celebrate her 60th...both near and far.  

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