My Mom's 60th

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
 This past weekend I held a party to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It was a no boys allowed sort of event, which means today (her 'real' birthday) the boys will be invited.  I held it at a little tea room in Richardson, Chocolate Angel-the same place I had my 30th.
 They pretty much have all the adorable decorations you could want in the Chantilly room, but....I brought a few of my own b/c that's the kind of girl I am!
 I went through my aunt's old albums and found some old school pictures I copied and printed out.
 I grabbed some flowers.
 And some bottled Dr. Pepper, my Mom's all time favorite drink.  I added a pink straw to jazz it up.
 Even though dessert came with the meal, I decided I wanted a dessert favor as well, so I bought some individual bundt cakes and added a tag, ribbon, flower etc, which I blogged about here.
 The packaging is already cute, but....I feel the need to add ribbon to everything.
 I put them around the tables.
 I am so grateful for the ladies that came out to celebrate with my mom.
 I know they have each been a blessing, and I'm constantly reminded that these are the type of friends I want to have 'when I grow up,' but more importantly, the kind of friend I want to be.
 No doubt, it's not a hardship to be friends with my Mom-her glass is always half full.  I call her unrealistically optimistic.  She's a peace maker...which is good considering I'm her daughter and I do like to battle it out.
 I'm grateful that for 35 of her years, she's been dedicated to being my Mom.
 Happy 60th, Mom!  Here's to 60 more!

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