Pink and Gold Fiesta

Friday, September 19, 2014
I put together a little party for my Mom on her 'actual' birthday as well with the whole family.  I had used pink and black for her tea party the weekend before, but went with pink and gold this time around.  These are just a few pictures....because it turns out right before I got pretty as soon as dinner was over, I took myself to the late night clinic, so...I didn't take too many pictures, but....I think you get the idea!  I made some little m pinata's using this method.  And tissue flowers using these steps.  I also made some gold candles that would later go on the cake my aunt brought using these steps.  I used some pinatas I sprayed to match the colors to hang from the chandelier as well.
My family is kind of picky (not my mom,just everyone else), so it was a mix of things every would eat, and some even :gasp: came from the freezer.  I made some cheese dip, cheese enchiladas, and then just heated up some frozen quesadillas, and taquitos.  I ran by a nearby restaurant and bought rice, and sopapillas and added some honey/butter/cinnamon sugar to make a little dessert bar.
I also did a little Dr. Pepper float crate to go with the cake.
My aunt, uncle, cousins in town, and brother all ate...and then ate some more.  I think it was a nice way to finish up a really great birthday and....hopefully the start to the best decade yet!

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