Baseball Initial

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
 I helped host a bridal shower for my friend Mary's daughter a week ago.  Her daughter is less traditional as far as petite fours and dinner mints go, so we went with a baseball theme.  She meat her husband-to-be at a baseball game, and her bridesmaids even took her to a game for her bachelorette the same weekend as her shower.  I put together this little sign to prop up on the table.
I bought a big wooden A at the craft store and just painted red laces down each side.  I used a permanent marker to add some details and gray paint to add some character.  When I was finished there was just something missing, so I took a tooth brush and flicked black paint all over it.  I find this usually helps make everything look better...with the exception of clothing maybe.
I added a wire an a ribbon so she can hang it later on her new home...or not, served it's purpose for the shower.  :O)  More details to come soon!

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