Earth Day: No Sew Recycled T Shirt Grocery Bags

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
 I was a little skeptical about how this tshirt bag would work without my sewing machine....but I'm all for letting that machine collect dust in the closet whenever possible, and guess what....this worked great!  I saw the original idea for this on this mommyblog.  If you have a closet full of old tshirts....and a city nearby (Dallas) who has started charging for bags at's a great idea for making your own.  The perk to these is you can wash them.
 All you need is an old tshirt and scissors.
 Cut off the sleeves (right near the seam to the sleeve.
 Figure out how big you want your bag to be and cut large fringe pieces (about an inch) up to where you want the bottom of the bag to be.  Depending on the material, keep in mind, it's a shirt, so it will stretch a little.
 Turn the shirt inside out.
 Take the two pieces sitting side by side and tie them in a knot.
 Do this to the next two pieces.
 Now....take half of each of those and tie them together (so it creates a second layer of knots).  This prevents there from being little holes between the ties because each tied piece is then tied to the one next to it.
 Once you have done two layers of knots.....
 Turn the shirt so the outside is showing again (the fringe will just rest at the bottom of your bag).
Now cut off the collar.  The goal is it to look like half an oval.  This is going to be your bag opening.
You are ready to roll.  I tied the two handles at the top just to give it a little more strength when carrying.  This took me about 10 minutes tops.'re welcome, earth.

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