Ducky Luncheon

Friday, April 24, 2015
 Last month I threw a baby shower luncheon for my friend Nicole.  She is expecting her first little one in a week or two.  She and her husband decided to wait to find out the gender, so I hunted on her registry for a semi theme and found she had registered for some different ducky things.
I bought a little bundt cake for the occasion and found this little stand at Home Goods.  I threaded some yellow ribbon through the holes.  It made it a little more fun than the cardboard these cakes usually come on.
 I blogged about these last month.  I made some lemon scented bath salts.  It's hard to bring too much when we eat at tea rooms b/c they usually have a lot of cute decorations of their own, but this was a little something I figured could fit easily on the table.
 Nicole grew up in Dallas, but she has lived in Houston for 11 years.  I've been trying to change that for awhile (11 years).
I bought everything I could find off her registry that was duck related.
 I'm all about personalizing gifts, but with no name and no gender, I only embroidered a few little duck things.  I told her I'd catch up on my personalizing over the next 18 years.
 Nicole's sister had her first little guy just three weeks ago.  Her Mom has been waiting for this 'grandma' thing for quite awhile, so I'd say the ladies are doing a nice job giving her her grandchild fix.
I, for one, can't wait to meet the little one.  There is a lot of spoiling that's about to happen, though I figure I have to take a number.  

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