Plum Perfect Planner ING

Tuesday, June 09, 2015
The new verb in my life is planner.  My friend, Tammy got a planner for Christmas and has been youtubing her planning adventures.  These plum paper planners are somewhere between a calendar, to do list, scrapbook, and diary. This happens to be right up my alley.
I've been pretty terrible about all of the above lately...minus the to do list.  I make to do list daily-truly, and carry one in my purse.  I lost it for a day this past year and thought I might need a straight jacket.  I shouldn't be able to lose this big girl.  I'm sure you will hear more about it.  If you don't know about the world of's me and you both.  Here is my video alllll about my new obsession.
I also made some free printables if you beat me to the obsession.  You can download them here.
I get nothing for saying this....I just really love a good planner.  I wish I got lots of freebies so....hook a girl up!

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