Printing on Post It Notes

Friday, June 12, 2015
I can't see a blank page in a planner and be OK with it.  I'm working on those issues, but in the meantime...
       I recently got a Plum Paper Planner (I get nothing for letting you know about my new toy, I only wish I did).  There is a page at the beginning of each month called 'notes.'  I haven't totally decided how I want to use it, but....I see a lot of folks using pages like this for 'dash boards.'  I decided to do the same, but to create some post it's I can move around.
I posted a video for how I made my personalized list here.
I also have a free printable if you want these same choices here.
I keep an ongoing list of meals I want to try, books I want to read (that are coming out that month), things I need to get at the craft store etc, and a grocery list (not to be confused with the shopping list b/c crafts take up a whole different part of my checkbook).

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