Friday, July 03, 2015

Cat Cards

 It's almost July 4th...which means the craft stores are clearing out their Halloween and fall decorations and putting up Christmas....I wish I was kidding.  BUT...on that goal this year is to make cards for my friend's kiddos.  I usually take out a loan and buy cards at the store (I'm almost kidding), and I love scrapping, so....I've decided to spend my money in a better way-on ribbon!  This is my first dose of cards hot off the presses.  I saw a cat design like this I liked, so I pulled out trusty publisher and made my own cat.  Here is a link to the free printable if you are ready to scratch out a few cat cards.
 I used blank cards and glued down scraps of paper to make all these different cat cards....I didn't want to repeat myself! I added little green buttons for eyes.  The last one I cut the outline of the cat out.
Inside I used a stamp I bought to add a message.  More personal writing to come inside each card...but I think I have a little time.