DIY Planner Stickers

Thursday, July 02, 2015
 I recently bought a Plum Paper Planner.  It started July 1st.  I'm obsessed.  It combines my love of to do list and stickers and nothing beats organization like being able to bedazzle your week!  I promptly started buying little calendar stickers....and soon spent more than the price of the planner on the stickers!  I've come up with several ways to make my own stickers to save some is way number one.
I bought some address labels and I just used my clipart from Word to find some cute little stickers-pencils (seen above), pineapples (to mark off the days of an upcoming trip), weights (for workouts), and I googled 'free bunting clipart' and found a ton of options.  I've been cutting them out to mark of birthdays etc.....and.....saved tons of money.  I've done this same sort of thing to make my own address labels in the past as well.  They also sell blank full sheets of sticky labels (originally meant for mailing) at office supply stories if you don't want to be limited by the label size.

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Marie said...

I enjoy planning...welcome to sticker world!