Mom's Retirement Cookies

Saturday, March 19, 2016
 At the end of January, my Mom retired!  Whoo hoo!  29 years at the University of Dallas.  Many more years than that in the work world.  I threw her a little family party I'll post about later, but I also ordered these adorable cookies.  I did a bunch of searching and found two cookies I loved online-a typewriter and a cookie (originally part of a Mother's day set) that looked exactly like my mom...if she were a cookie.
 I emailed a bunch of cookie companies that totally ignored my email just inquiring about if they were able to take orders at the end of January.  I googled and found a company called DallasCookieCompany who A) responded right away and B)  were willing to do exactly what I wanted.  I don't get anything for telling you this, I just want Dallas folks to know there are good businesses out there!  The cookies were tasty too.
 And adorable.  My Mom has always had a typewriter in her office.
 And then these adorable retirment and congrats cookies.
Seriously, precious cookies.  I sent them up to my mom's office on her last day of work and to a few other places she frequents to enjoy with her friends.

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