Plastic Egg Remake

Monday, March 21, 2016
 I bought a ton of bags of plastic eggs for 88 cents and was tasked with the job of making them over.  I'll be sharing those tutorials today on GMT.  I post taped the segment b/c I have a conflict, BUT I'll post the video here later on facebook.  Sorry for the terrible photos, I guess studio lights and iphones weren't made for each other...or maybe it was the holder of the iphone on this particular day.  It's been a busy month....random/last minute iphone photos was all I had left in me. 
I blinged out some eggs with glitter (and modge podge) and sequins (and a glue gun).
 I sprayed some eggs blue and flicked brown paint on them to give them the robin's egg look.  These would be super cut in a centerpiece, but....I wasn't up for bringing a whole tablescape to GMT this time!
 Shabby chic with twine and lace.
And....glow in the dark.  For this guy I filled it with candy and a glow bracelette.  I found them in 12 packs at Michael's for 1.50, or some Dollar Tree's have them.  A fun nighttime Easter egg hunt is in my near future.  :O)

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