Sugar Eggs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
 I've wanted to make a diorama sugar egg for years.  FINALLY, I forced myself to have a go at it.  It's my theme for Wednesday's GMT.  I've got several forms, and have several more I want to try, but time was an issue.
The supplies you need are 4 inch (or whatever size you want) plastic egg halved length wise, 1 egg white, food dye, 3 1/2 c. sugar, 1/2 c. powdered sugar, royal icing (whatever ingredient is your favorite), and royal icing decorations, jelly beans etc.
 Place your egg white in a bowl and add the food dye.  Make it darker than you think it should be because it won't be this bright when you add all the sugar.  Whip it around until it's foamy.
 Mix it with a fork until it's blended.  It will be really sandy looking.
 I found this egg at the dollar store-it had bubble supplies inside.  You can also buy plastic forms from cake decorating stores, but....this one worked for me.  Put sugar and press firmly into both sides of the egg.  Flip over on a baking sheet and bake at 200 for 20 minutes.  Pull out.
 Scrape out middle with a spoon.
 On one half, once you scoop out the inside, poke a hole in the middle with a knife from the curved back and gently saw a circle with your knife.  It doesn't have to be perfect b/c you are going to cover the edges with icing.  This is the part I did a little too forcefully at first and I cracked my first egg.  After you have your two halves carved.  Place them in the oven again and bake for another 20 minutes to really make it hard.  Each recipe made 2 of the 4 inch eggs.
 You can seal the two sides together with royal icing and then decorate the inside.  I used these premade royal icing decors I found at the craft store.  I just threw a bunch of jelly beans in the egg too to make it fuller, and then some green royal icing for grass.  I piped along the seam where I pressed the two eggs together, and more around the hole.  You can make these as decorate, or plain as you want.  Here's a few from the side.  I had a friend who used to make these for Easter and personalize them with names.  Maybe next year...

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