Easter Diorama Sugar Cookies

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
 I've been in love with diorama eggs for years now.  I have a million projects I want to try, and I'm taking the first few to Good Morning, Texas today.  I'll post the video later on facebook, but....in the meantime, here are the pictorial step by steps for these cookies.  I originally saw the idea here.
I used the recipe for my favorite cookie dough (it holds it share really well) and two egg cookie cutters I got at the craft store.  If you don't have time to get cookie cutters, just use two different size plastic eggs that open on the sides to cut out the shape.  
I cut out the larger eggs, and out of half of them I cut out the smaller shape to create the hole.
I have a great icing recipe, but this time, I lack time to pull that one out, so I used a jar and added a Tablespoon of some karo syrup (this allows the icing to harden so it can be bagged.  I iced the bottom cookie.  
 I stacked and then iced the top.  You can make them any color you want.  I kept them simple.
 I let those dry, and then I did make up my favorite recipe for piping (attached in the original recipe link above).  I took some random leaf tip and just squiggled it into the hole for grass, and other random star tips (or just snipped the edge to leave it round) to pie around the edges.
 I also bought a bunch of royal icing decorations from a local cake store.
 ...and I bought some from the craft store...along with some jelly beans and Easter chocolates.
 I placed these inside the 'hole' and mixed it up to make lots of fun little scenes.  I let the icing dry, and then bagged them up.  Now to identify my favorite friends.  :O)

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