DIY Personalized Notepads

Monday, May 02, 2016
I'm headed to Good Morning Texas today to share a few Mother's Day gift ideas.  It's also Teacher Appreciation week, so....some of the ideas could overlap for that as well.  I'll post the video later on facebook later.
In the meantime, here is one idea I've been wanting to try out for awhile....homemade notepads.
I actually made this for a friend of mine at work.
I printed off "From the desk of..." onto the four quarters of a piece of paper.
I then had four of her students write her name and draw a picture of what she looked like at the bottom.  You could do this with the whole class if you wanted/or all your own kiddos-have them write mom or dad or grandma...whatever where I had the students write their teacher's name.
I made about 25 copies and then sliced them into even quarters.  I aligned the top edge and the pad of 100 sheets of paper together with some clips.  I bought some book binding glue via Amazon.  I'm sure you can find it other places, but...that was my go to.  It comes in different colors as well.
I brushed some of this glue to the top and let it dry (with the clips on) for a few hours.
When it dries you have a pad of paper that sticks together/can be torn off piece by piece.

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