Pocket Letter

Friday, June 24, 2016
You Tube sucked me in, and I discovered something called a 'pocket letter.'  Maybe I'm late to the game, but....how fun?  This is a beginners pocket guide.  I put this together quickly for my goddaughter before I was heading out of town, so I'm looking forward to digging into this in more depth soon.  The point is to share some of your fun supplies with others.
Basically, you use baseball card pocket pages, you fill each one with some little cute paper/design and then add some supplies for the receiver to use to create their own project.  In this case, I just added my supplies to the front, but you can slip them in the back.  I've also seen them where people decorate the sides/holes etc.  It folds into thirds and fits perfectly into a letter size envelope.  I'm going to definitely hit up some scrapbook supply stores and try to find some fun ones for the different holidays and include some little flat erasers/candies/gift cards/ribbon etc in the future.  I 'sealed' the top with a little slice of washi as well
This time around I included some cute paper clips, puffy puppy stickers, gems, sequins, and washi (wrapped around some plastic)

.  My goddaughter is the age where when I send her a card she pulls it all apart anyway to play with the gummy pieces etc, so....what better thing than something that's made for that purpose.  I also printed off some thumbnail size pictures (tutorial here) from my recent trip to see her, and I figured she can make her own collage of our time together.  Or not.  Regardless, I think I've met her little interest level now-unicorns, fairies, bright colors, and bling.

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