Homemade Ice Cream

Friday, July 08, 2016
I remember visiting my cousins' grandparents on their farm years ago.  Their grandmother often pulled out the ice cream makers and whipped up a few batches of homemade ice cream for the family that stopped by when we were up for 4th.  Every once in awhile my Mom would pull out the machine, and this year, when my cousin's kiddos came to visit I decided it was time to pass on the tradition.  We used Paula Dean's recipe and if you've never let some fresh ice cream churn at your house....add it to the to do list.  Just typing it out makes me want to go make another batch.  
Vanilla Ice Cream
*Makes a Gallon+
Ingredients:  4 eggs, 2 c. white sugar, 2 (12 oz) cans of evaporated milk, 1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 T vanilla, whole milk (about half a gallon).  Ice and rock salt.
1.  Mix all the ingredients (other than the milk).  Pour it into your ice cream maker. 
2.  Add the milk until it reaches the fill line.  Close the lid.  
3.  Fill the sides with a layer of ice, spring about 1/4 c. rock salt, another layer of ice/salt/ice/salt until it reaching the top of the machine.  
4.  Let the ice cream machine run for about 30 minutes (or until it stops if your machine has a stop mode).  You will need to keep adding ice and rock salt as it melts down (you want the whole canister to stay covered on all sides.  It will never get firm like the store bought ice cream, it remains soft (like soft serve).  
*If you are concerned about consuming raw eggs, you can used pasteurized liquid eggs.  
*To flavor your ice cream, add 2 c. of fresh fruit (strawberries, peaches etc) and 1 c. of sugar before adding the milk in the machine.  

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