Watermelon Wreath

Friday, July 15, 2016
 I've seen versions of this wreath around for a year now.  One of my friends threw a watermelon themed birthday for her daughter last year, so we discussed some pins (it turned out super cute).  I'm going on GMT next week, and I was tasked with bringing some summer themed wreaths, so this was one of my choices.  My goal is to show several different techniques for making some easy wreaths.
 My favorite part of this wreath is that you can find these wreath frames at the Dollar Tree.  You can also find them at craft stores, but....not for a buck.  You could use scraps, but....I decided to just buy a few yards of fabric (one of each to be exact).  I did a version of this a few years ago for Halloween.  That post lives here.
 I cut the fabric into about half inch by 4 inch pieces.  You can make it longer for a fluffier wreath.  I then just started tying on my pieces.
 Green all around the outside (you'll fluff them later).
Once I had a row of green, I did the light pink, and then (last) two rows of bright pin, with a few black throw in for 'seeds.'  I did the black ones at the end after I had fluffed out the fabric tied on to space the 'seeds' out evenly.  It's certainly not a difficult wreath-but it takes awhile (an hour + to tie all the fabric onto the frame), so....my dog and I watched episodes we recorded from Shark Week!  The only key is to tie it close to the middle of the ribbon, but once you do a few, you will get the hang, and if any are just totally uneven, pull it off and tie again, or just trim the longer end!

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