Nursery Penants

Monday, December 26, 2016
 I'm about to start a big posting spree on all the details of a nursery I put together this last fall.  It was a surprise from WHAT the gender was to WHAT the nursery themed would be.  I'll share more on that later, but the first step was picking the color scheme.  I got some ideas from the parents to be on the colors they liked for both genders, and I chose navy, gray, and mint.  It was heavier on navy, but I wanted to do a few things with all three colors.  These banners are so easy to make.  If you can sew a straight line...or even glue one this tutorials for you.
 After sewing the bedding with these fabrics, I bought some binding and cut out triangle shapes out of the fabric.  I used my pinking sheers so I didn't have to sew the edges (it won't fray like it would if you do a straight line).
 I then took the binding and sandwiched the top between it and got to sewing.
 I would leave about an inch between each one, but I just sewed down the whole binding.
I'll share the whole she bang soon.

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