Mermaid or Pirate Baby Shower

Friday, August 25, 2017
 I've been friends with Amber for well over a decade now.  She's expected baby #2 and this go 'round she decided to wait.  Since it's summer, her sister and I decided to throw her a shower that plays with the theme Mermaid or Pirate?  My pal Kelly made these adorable invites for me.
 Again, since it was a summer shower I was able to go crazy with desserts and I madea  collection of both mermaid and pirate themed desserts to serve.
 Last year I attended a shower and they had a poloroid camera where each guest had their picture taken, and then we made a scrapbook page with a message to mom and baby.  I knew Amber would love this (she's one of my last scrapbooking buddies).
 We each made a page and her sister said she would finish the album for Amber.  We had the guest decorate pages with either pirates or mermaids based on what they predict the baby will be.
 I made a bunch of banners I hung throughout my house as well.
 I also used beads someone gave me from mardi gras, shells, and coins to scatter around the house.
 We served all pirate and mermaid themed foods.  Canon Balls (meatballs), sumbarines (sub sandwiches), planks (crackers) and gold (cheese-served with little swords), crab legs (carrots), seaweed (spinach dip), seashells (pasta), and berried treasure (berries).
 We also served some blue punch in fish bowls.
 I made little mermaid straws.
 Amber's sister put together some adorable bubble bath.
 And bottled them in cute little bottles.
 All went so smoothly, but it helps when it's a sweet friend and easy going friends and family she's collected along the way.

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