Caramel Apples

Friday, September 14, 2018
 One of my favorite desserts is carameled apples.  When I was little I used to eat them all the time....and by eat them, I mean scrap the caramel off with my teeth.  Now that I'm older I still do that, but I also take a moment to feel thankful I still have my teeth to do the scrapping b/c heaven knows I haven't been kind to those two front teeth!
I've even made carameled apples in the past....but I only vaguely remember it and I remember the caramel running off.
I'm sure it was a complicated recipe, but in my old age, when I'm not feeling grateful to have teeth, I also look for simpler solutions, so.....apparently you can melt a 14 oz bag of unwrapped caramels and 2 T of water over low heat, coat your apples, and there is not dripping away (assuming you use a dried apple).  One bag does 6-8 apples assuming you don't eat half the bag before you dip the apples.  Not to say that happened, but, if it did happen, you'd only be able to make 4.  And....I totally count this as one of my fruits.

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