Vintage Fabric Projects

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
 I always see adorable old quilt tops and old fabrics when I'm out in about.  I'm sure if I dug deep enough in my closet I'm the owner of some of these fabrics.
I was recently shopping at several stores and saw some really cute ideas for using these fabrics in fun ways.
 At one antique store, they took old quilt tops, cut them into triangles, sewed the edge with a zig zag stitch and then sewed them to seam binding to make a banner.
 I also saw this adorable yoyo banner. They made oversized yo yos and sewed a rough circle around the middle so it layed flat, and then sewed together the yo yos to make a banner.  I'm definitely going to be using this onw in the not too distant future.  It's so quirky and adorable.

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