Onion Rings

Monday, September 10, 2018

Onion rings are so simple to make, but I rarely make them b/c oil is not my favorite house odor, but sometimes, it's worth it.  I made some last week for a Labor Day get together, and nobody complained about the scent because they are soooooo good.
If you've never made these...or really any fried friend (fried pickles, anyone?), the process is the same.
I soaked rings of onions I sliced about 1/2 inch thick in buttermilk overnight.
When I was ready to make them I pour about an inch of vegetable in a pan and set it to high (so however big your pan is, you need almost an inch of oil so your rings are able to float).
I put about four cups of flour and 4 T of seasoning salt into a dish.

I took the buttermilk covered rings, tossed them into the flour mix until they were well coated.  Then I put them in the hot oil.  Once one side in golden brown (about 3 minutes), turn them over.  The second side usually doesn't take as much time.  I put them on paper towels to drain the oil and added a little more salt.
These were gone so fast I never got a good picture, but....it was worth the effort and the house odor.